SkyBook 1.4

Faster Facebook access on your PDA


  • Well laid-out user interface
  • Handy photo uploading tool


  • Limited Facebook options


If you've ever tried connecting to Facebook on your PDA you'll realize what a cumbersome process it can be. Not only is it annoying having to open Internet Explorer every time, but it can take a while to get around the site itself when viewed on the small screen.

Step forward SkyBook, a Pocket PC application designed to help you stay in touch with your Facebook friends all the time. The free program offers a stripped-down version of the popular social site to make it easier to navigate and more mobile-friendly.

You can perform a number of regular Facebook tasks with SkyBook, including sending messages, posting on walls, poking, and adding friends. There's a rather neat option that lets you upload photos directly from your phone's camera, or from a folder on your device to a Facebook album. It even includes some editing settings, such as brightness, resolution, and flash.

SkyBook's user interface is arranged in an easy-to-use way, with tabs at the top representing you, your friends, and a particular contact you've selected. At the bottom you have a series of icons that represent various Facebook functions.

Of course, there are lots of things you can do in Facebook that can't be done using SkyBook, such as instant messaging, events, comments, groups, apps, etc.

However, if you're just looking for a free, easy way to stay up-to-date with Facebook on the move, SkyBook is well worth a try.



SkyBook 1.4

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